Ceylon Tea

Arabic: شاي سيلان
Portuguese: Chá de Ceilão
Dutch: Ceylon Thee
Spanish: Té de Ceilán


Sri Lankan tea referred to for ages as “Ceylon Tea” is presumed for its taste and smell world over. Sri Lanka is the biggest maker of universal tea on the planet. Presently, Sri Lanka positions as the fourth biggest tea maker of the world. In the worldwide fare front, the nation stands firm on the footing of third biggest exporter of tea. Sri Lanka applies ISO 3720 as the base norms for tea.

Sri Lankan tea cultivators and makes embrace Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and produce tea under the most elevated social and natural norms. The tea preparing processing plants for sends out persistently improve and move up to meet required specialized and clean principles to adjust to the global food handling prerequisites. Most Sri Lankan tea makers have additionally reliably advanced the reception of the most rigid rural guidelines and practices, especially through the selection of worldwide quality certificates including HACCP, ISO 22000, Fair Trade, Forest Stewardship Certification(FSC) ISO 9000, CQC, Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), UTZ, Rainforest Alliance (RA), Global GAP, SA and so forth in this manner guaranteeing the support of very exacting creation and handling norms that guarantee the security of purchasers, laborers and the more extensive climate.