Dry Ginger

Varieties: FAQ, ASTA
Grade: A1, Deluxe
Origin: India, Nigeria
Packaging: PP Bag, Jute Bag

Arabic: الزنجبيل الجاف
Portuguese: Gengibre seco
Dutch: Droge gember
Spanish: Jengibre seco


Ginger is most commonly known for its effectiveness as a digestive aid. The primary known constituents of Ginger Root include gingerols, zingibain, bisabolenel, oleoresins, starch, essential oil (zingiberene, zingiberole, camphene, cineol, borneol), mucilage, and protein.

Ginger, a knobby, fibrous root, has smooth light brown skin with sheen to it. The flesh of the root is white. Ginger root is a seasoning and flavors sweets, including cakes, cookies, breads, and beverages. It is also good in sauces, and fruit dishes, and is often used heavily in Asian cooking.